They track us. But we can fight back.

What we do online is our own business. Advoid gives us our privacy back. With Advoid, we can finally fight the Big Tech.

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Advoid contributes 2% of the revenue to carbon removal. Click to read more.

Explain us the benefits!

With Advoid, this is what we get

First and foremost, Advoid can see absolutely nothing what you do online. It’s none of anyone’s business, except yours. Advoid cannot even see if you are connected or not. It’s stripped to bare minimum in terms of monitoring. Advoid do monitor its servers’ CPU and memory usage as well as the total traffic to make sure the lights stay on. Nothing more, nothing less. Your network traffic is private & secure.

As private as it gets.

There's only so much we can fight. And this is the very most. With Advoid, we are protected af. Absolutely zero tracking & logging.

DNS-over-HTTPS. Enabled. in, another layer of protection. We get extra security against the Big Tech.

Fast? No. It's blazing-fast.

It runs on Premium Intel with NVMe SSD. Sounds like fancy jargon that means nothing? True. But it's really fast.

How do they track us, anyway?

Digital tracking in a nutshell

It’s natural to not know how they track us. It’s a complex topic — even for tech-savvy nerds. Make yourself a favour by spending the next 2:18 minutes watching this simple, straight-forward explanation about how we are being tracked. Then, feel free to act on it. Be it Advoid, an adblocker browser extension, or some other solution. But fight back and do it hard. Do something.

Who's this for?

Adblocker for regular jane & john

For privacy-minded

We can be people with different backgrounds, dreams, and needs. But we are connected by the same worry. With zero tracking & logging, we get our privacy back in our own control.

For non-tech savvy

DNSSEC, DoH, whitelists, blacklists, upstreams, caches? Not everyone has to have a PhD in Computer Science to be private online. Nobody's got time for that so we did it for the rest of us.

For regular people

Most people care about privacy but do very little about it. Why? Because it's really fucking hard, but Advoid changes that. Time to go, it's private o'clock now.

How do I set it up, then?

Simple service, simple instructions

1 This is the worst step. To keep the servers running, Advoid needs money. You’d just need to enter your email & payment info. Nothing complicated but really fucking boring. Sorry.

2 To the fun part: Install OpenVPN Connect on your device. That’s what we recommend but really, it can be any client that supports OpenVPN.

3 Fire up your email. Advoid has sent* you something called configuration file. It’s a small set of instructions for the OpenVPN how to deal with the internet traffic. Open up the configuration file (.ovpn) in your OpenVPN-client.

* Do mind that the email may arrive with a small delay.

4 Connect & enjoy your private, ad-less, and tracker-less online experience. You can in fact forget the existence of Advoid. It’s there in the background, protecting you every step of the way against the Big Tech.

What's it gonna cost me?

Simple service, simple pricing

Let’s forget the shenanigans with the cents like 1,99 or 5,99. Everybody knows it’s a trick to make us fall for buying it. Advoid offers the simplest possible pricing without any hidden costs whatsoever. You are also free to end your subscription whenever. Just drop us an email in You are in control.

Best for the whole family

5 € / 5 devices / month

Secure payment to Stripe

Best for people with two devices

3 € / 2 devices / month

Secure payment to Stripe

Great for mobile-only users

2 € / device / month

Secure payment to Stripe

Why you no free, bro?

If something's free, you are the product

You must have heard of it. If a company doesn’t charge you, they sell you. How’s that business model working? Pretty well, considering the top 4 companies in the world are selling on your data.

Now, it’s up to us how we want to act on it. Advoid never sells or shares your data. It even couldn’t because there aren’t any. But to keep the lights on, Advoid requires money to run. That’s the very simple reason why Advoid is fee-for-service (FFS).

What's up with the name, Advoid?

Meaning of Advoid (the word)

\ ə-ˈvȯid \

The act of moving your mouse pointer carefully around a web page to avoid nuisance pop-up ads. This technique requires some skill and a sharp eye to dodge “hover-over-and-pop- up-ads” embedded in a news article or column.

Come’on! I just want to see who won the game, but these pop-ups keep trying to sell team jerseys. Looks like I’m gonna need my advoiding skills for this site…